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Over in the UK and Ireland, we call the same fuel “paraffin”. Leave in : STET “Stet” is a Latin word meaning “let it stand”.

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Tanzkurse graz single - Berlin singles crossword clue

It was first used in musical scores directing the performer to play into the next movement without a break. 1997 film megahit : TITANIC When James Cameron made his epic movie “Titanic”, released in 1997, it was the most expensive film ever made, costing about $200 million.

It was a good investment for the studio as it became the highest-grossing film of all time, bringing in over $1.8 billion. sponsoring the Muzzle Loading Championship : NRA 85.

The name “Ole Miss” dates back to 1897, the first year a student yearbook was published.

The graduating class held a competition to name the yearbook and “Ole Miss” emerged as the winner.

The first line of the US version goes "Old Mac Dougal had a farm, in Ohio-i-o". "Check and ___" : MATE In the game of chess, when the king is under immediate threat of capture it is said to be "in check".